Parental Leave Toolkit
Whether you're an expectant or adoptive parent, we know you'll have a lot to do and think about over the coming months, so we've made this resource simple and easy to use.
Parental Leave Toolkit
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Making work+family work: We've been in business for over thirty years, and were originally set up by experts in the childcare industry.

As we grew, we added established expertise in eldercare and then in coaching, training and consultancy. This enables us to partner with employers at every level of their work+family strategy.

Working parents and carers offer a vital contribution to every organisation - our vision is that every employer realises this.

Enhanced Family Supports Parental Leave Toolkit

We've distilled our comprehensive coaching knowledge and experience to create online toolkits for both managers and individuals.

We provide the help and guidance to make life easier and save time. We do this by making it simple to access our expertly designed resources, whenever or wherever they're needed.

We value your feedback

We judge ourselves by the feedback we receive from you, and we report to Enhanced Family Supports regularly and transparently.

We look forward to helping you make work+family work.