Parental Leave Toolkit
Whether you're an expectant or adoptive parent, we know you'll have a lot to do and think about over the coming months, so we've made this resource simple and easy to use.
Parental Leave Toolkit

I am taking leave

Create your Leave Plan and access Tools that will guide you in dealing with this new chapter in your life, both professionally and personally.

Parenthood is much more than a project, but a bit of planning can really help your successful handover, leave and return

This resource is designed for anyone going through the transition to working parenthood (or adding to a growing family) and taking a significant period of leave. We welcome those who are adopting or taking an extended period of paternity or other new parent leave.

Create your Leave Plan

Receive just-in-time support throughout your leave and return via email or our app notifications.

Your Leave Plan will show a mixture of professional and personal reminders along with expert blogs, checklists, and videos to support you every step of the way.

Don't forget to download the app for your Apple or Android device, so you access your leave plan on the go.

Create your Leave Plan

Expert tools to assist you personally and professionally

If you're not ready to create a plan or would rather just pick and choose what you need you can simply choose the Browse tools option. Simply choose the topics that interest you most, and filter them by your leave type and stage if you wish. You can sort tools by topics, or tool types (if you'd quickly like to see all relevant Top Tips Videos, for example).

If you'd like to quickly revisit a tool later, simply save it to 'My Folder'.

Expert tools

Access on the-go

Parental Leave Toolkit will automatically optimise to suit any hand-held device you access it on.

For the best experience viewing your Leave Plan, we recommend using our app. It will send out handy reminders, and allow you to access your plan wherever you are.

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